7 Chakras Healing Balance Elastic Bracelet - Various

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Colour: matte onyx
Length: 16cm elastic
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There are seven main Chakras aligned in the spine, from the base of the spine to the top of the head (Crown Chakra location, the sky link).

It has long been believed that if our Chakras are harmonized, aligned and healthy, our emotional and spiritual physical body flows in a more harmonious, abundant and happy way. However, if the chakras are out of balance, our mind and bodies (physical, emotional and spiritual) will also be out of balance, which can cause physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

In addition to the Volcanic Stones there are also 7 high quality Stones referring to 7 Chakras:

• Muldhara Chakra (Root)
Stone: Pink Jasper
It is related to our origin and sense of connection with Mother Earth.

• Swadhisthana (Sacred) Chakra
Stone: Carnelian
It is related to abundance, well-being, sexuality

• Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus)
Stone: Tiger's Eye
It is related to self esteem, self confidence

• Anahata Chakra (Heart)
Stone: Green Howlita
It is related to unconditional love, joy, inner peace

• Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra
Stone: Turquoise
It is related to communication, self-expression, authenticity

• Ajna Chakra (Third Eye)
Stone: Lazuli Pencil
Is related to intuition, imagination, wisdom

• Sahasrara Chakra (Crown)
Stone: Amethyst
It is related to spirituality, enlightenment, connection with the divine


Code: EC00101
Name: 7 Chakras Healing Balance Elastic Bracelet - Various
Length: Adjustable (16cm elastic)
Weight: 16.76g
Beads size: 0.8cm
Pendant size: -
Colour: Black lava, black gallstone, black, bling black, white, tiger eyes, blue, white and blue, grey, green lava and white and green.
Gender: Unisex
Material: Elastic
Shape: Round
Clasp type: -
Setting type: -
Chain type: Elastic
Item type: Bracelet

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