3 essential men's accessories getting out of the basics

Many men face a dilemma when dressing: how to make the look more elaborate and leave the basics? There is no correct answer to this, as every person tends to prefer a style of clothing. But one option to end the problem is to resort to male accessories, which have become increasingly popular and are capable of transforming the look.

Here are some suggestions for types of accessories:


Men's Rings Eclectic Collection

Rings are charming details that can convey elegance and make the look much more striking when well selected. There are several types, from the simplest, with less thickness and few details, to the most extravagant, with stones and greater width. 

It is essential to analyze which emotions you want to convey with the visual composition of accessories and clothes to define the ones most suitable for your look. For example, if the intention is to build a refined look, the ideal is to prioritize thinner and less flashy rings, such as silver and steel.


Men's Bracelets Eclectic Collection

Bracelets are even more diverse accessories than rings, as they can be found in leather, steel, silver, and gold and are also made with pendants, stones, and other details. Therefore, it is almost impossible not to have an accessory option in this category that matches your style.

Like rings, bracelets can be combined with others to create a mix of accessories. However, you must take care not to overwhelm the look with too many jewels or bad combinations.


Men's Necklaces Eclectic Collection

Finally, men's necklaces are usually simpler and less detailed than rings or bracelets, in addition to being worn alone and not in combination. For this reason, they can add more particularities to the look without the risk of a bad combination.


In this category, the most common accessories are silver, steel, or gold and are usually chains or necklaces with simple pendants, such as geometric shapes or mirrors.

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