Does 925 silver get darker as time passes?

Does 925 silver get darker as time passes?

Jewellery can be made from different materials and the most frequently used metals are gold and silver.

The price, however, varies greatly between pieces made with either of these metals.

For this reason, many people end up questioning the quality of silver, and the biggest concern is if 925 silver darkens.

Silver is popularly known for being the raw material for many types of accessories including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and wedding rings.

Noble metals have a market value that easily allows its sale to be affordable for the consumer, but many people who buy silver still wonder if it will become darker in future.

925 silver jewellery

When dealing with 925 silver jewellery there is an advantage. This is because most jewellery stores finish the production of silver jewellery with the bath stage.

So, just like the pieces of non-noble metal alloys, silver jewellery goes through a minute stage of bathing.

This leaves the piece looking shiny and prevents the silver from darkening, when used correctly.

In addition, silver jewellery can have its original silver colour secured when bathed in white rhodium. Yellow gold and rose gold or black rhodium can be used as well.

The final bath stage can leave silver jewellery with any of these shades, without losing the quality of the original metal.

Does 925 silver tarnish?

As silver is a chemical element, it undergoes some reactions when it contacts certain products or is exposed to adverse situations such as too much heat.

Therefore, depending on the situation, its colour can be changed.

There are processes to prevent oxidation from occurring and, when it comes to silver jewellery, there are steps we can take that prevent its darkening.

What makes 925 silver tarnish?

Often the dark appearance of 925 silver pieces is a consequence of adverse factors.

Because silver is a metal, contact with sweat or perfumes and cosmetics can leave it with a dark hue.

In most situations, the stains that appear are just dirt and can be removed, returning the silver to its former appearance.

How to avoid the darkening of silver?

To prevent 925 silver from getting dark or even looking dirty, you need to take some precautions.

Although it is a common habit, it is necessary to avoid entering a pool, the sea and even bathing with pieces of 925 silver.

This is because some components present in the water, can damage the colour of the piece.

Here are some more ways to prevent silver from darkening:

● Avoid using perfume and other cosmetics in the region where your jewellery is located
● Do not allow silver pieces to contact chemical products
● Do not wear jewellery during physical activity to avoid contact with sweat
● Avoid exposure of jewellery to intense heat

How to clean silver?

If your jewellery looks dark from dirt, there are some practical and easy ways to clean it:

● Boil the pieces in a pan lined with aluminium
● Soak the pieces in a solution of water with baking soda
● Use a magic flannel to clean the parts
● Use silver cleaning products

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