Curiosity: What is zirconia?

Curiosity: What is zirconia?

Many people ask: What is zirconia? Is it a precious stone? Is it expensive?

So today we will talk a little about the difference between cubic zirconia and zirconia to clear up some of these questions.

At Eclectic Collection we do not yet have any zirconia in our store, but we do offer a multitude of cubic zirconia items, from earrings and rings, to bracelets and necklaces. Our selection includes some of the most diverse shapes and finishes to please all tastes.

Zirconia or cubic zirconia is a great gift for that special someone in your life or simply a beautiful gift for yourself! After all, everyone deserves some bling from a piece of jewellery with precious stone in their lives.

But What is Zirconia Anyway?

Zirconia is a stone formation, usually transparent and can also be found in some other colours, such as yellow, blue, pink, green and red. It is possible to discover this type of stone in North America, France, and Italy.

What draws attention to zirconia is that it can be used as a raw material in making the most incredible jewellery.

The method of manufacture is impressive, and the stone still has some intriguing characteristics and varied applications.

Zirconia is found in nature through the mineral called Baddeleyite which is a precious zirconium oxide ore extracted from many prismatic monoclinic crystals.

Cubic zirconia, on the other hand, is an artificial product made in a laboratory and widely used as an imitation diamond. In fact, diamond is also a natural gem but what differentiates this type of stone from zirconia is the chemical composition and the way they are cut.

Each form of cut and model uses a type of reflection of clarity which is related to the brilliance of the stone.

Zirconia uses:

Synthetic zirconia or cubic zirconia, in most cases, is used in rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other fine and elegant accessories.

The brightness in colour variations draws a lot of attention and offers total versatility, making it possible to combine with all types and shades of clothes, shoes and other accessories. Coloured stones are also excellent in engagement rings as they are a creative and tasteful option.

This huge preference for zirconia is justified by the affordable price in relation to other types of precious stones, like diamonds, and has even been known to replace the diamond in engagement and wedding rings (which in contrast, is far more expensive) with the most varied colours of zirconia, as both stones appear extremely similar.

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