4 tips on how to assemble your charm bracelet

The bracelets that house trinkets are almost completely customizable according to the wearer's interests and personality traits. This accessory can demonstrate the characteristics of the person wearing it, as it can tell stories through the added pendants.

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So, here are 4 tips for setting up yours:

  1.   Choose the correct size for your bracelet 

As we have already mentioned, charm bracelets carry pendants. Therefore, they must contain a larger space to house them. When purchasing your bracelet, it is essential to measure the circumference of your wrist and add another 3 cm so you can fit more charms.

  1.   Carefully think when choosing the material for your charm bracelet

In addition to defining the ideal bracelet size, it is also necessary to select the accessory material. There are three main options: Leather, metal, and silver, each of which gives a different look when the bracelet is mounted.

Therefore, it is important to think about the types of charms that will be added to the bracelet later, as some materials may work better with selected accessories than others. 

  1.   Plan the number of separators for your bracelet

Another point to consider when assembling your bracelet is the separators between the pendants that hang and have more details, organizing them in the jewellery.

There are no specific amount of separators needed, and they are also not essential for the construction of the bracelet, but they make it more beautiful and highlight the pendants. 

  1.   Choose pendants by theme or landmark event 

Choosing the pendants is the most interesting part of assembling the bracelet, as they are the ones that will bring personality to it. For this, it is possible to select accessories by themes, such as animals and flowers, for example, or by pendants that recall important events, such as an airplane, which is related to travel, or a carousel, linked to amusement parks.

Bracelet Eclectic Collection 

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