How to combine silver and gold accessories for parties

At the end of the year parties, how about combining accessories with a certain daring?

It may seem hard to combine silver and gold semi-jewellery, but it's only a matter of balance.

semi-jewellery for man Eclectic Collection
  • Try to mix similar models that have the same look and style. For example, delicate models for light looks or modern models for bold looks.
  • Avoid mixing with stones. Choose pieces of metallic tones.
  • Mix accessories only on the body part. For example, combine gold and silver tones only on the hands with beautiful bracelets or on the neck with superimposed necklaces.
  • Avoid using more than one shade of silver and gold. Try to keep the same tone if you want to use more than one combination on your body.
  • Combine shiny silver tones with shiny gold tones, or keep the matte tone in all pieces or aged tones, but don't mix shiny with matte, matte with aged, or aged with shiny.

With these tips, you can test various combinations, analyzing the harmony of the accessories with each other and the outfit.

Here are some of our pieces for you to think about possible combinations and take advantage of the offers to use in many looks.

Necklaces Eclectic CollectionNecklace Eclectic Collection

Ring Eclectic CollectionRing Eclectic Collection

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