Moissanite: precious gem as a diamond.

The moissanite stone is very similar to the diamond but is currently preferred for engagements and elegant celebrations. Its radiant shine enchants like a diamond, while its value is much more affordable.


The moissanite gem was discovered in the United States, in a crater in Canyon Diablo, in the state of Arizona, in 1893 by the Frenchman Henri Moissan, a scientist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1906. The scientist, analyzing his particles in the laboratory, discovered that this gem that fell on planet Earth was a meteorite.

Of course, original moissanite is rare to find. So it would cost a fortune to go looking for it. However, after the discovery of Moissan, many tests were carried out in laboratories, and today it is possible to produce the stone artificially, reducing its cost, without losing its glamor.

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