How to store your accessories correctly

If you have a lot of accessories or don't have a space reserved for your jewellery, you've likely had a problem with the clutter of the pieces.

The possibilities are many, for example, loss of one side of an earring, a necklace damaged from being wrapped around the other, a ring scratched from being stored incorrectly.

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All these situations can be avoided if the accessories are stored correctly. So, here are some tips for preserving your jewellery:

  1. Separate the jewellery by category
To avoid having storage problems with your accessories, separate them according to their respective categories. For example, different types of necklaces should be separate from each other as well as other types of jewellery, as they have long strands that can tangle with other pieces.

In the same way, earrings, bracelets, and rings should be kept together with the accessories of the same category, and if possible, at a certain distance from each other, to prevent them from getting scratched or tangled.

  1. Have a reserved place to store your parts

Leaving accessories anywhere inside the wardrobe or drawer is a common mistake. However, this is one of the main reasons for jewellery to be lost or damaged.

To avoid this problem, jewellery boxes, drawer dividers, necklace hooks, ring holders, and other containers where accessories can be separated can be used.

  1. Before storing the necklaces, make sure they are not tangled or knotted.

This is an important step to prevent the necklaces from being broken or damaged in any way. Therefore, whenever you store this type of piece, check if there are any knots and remove them if there are.

  1. To avoid losing earrings, store them together.

One of the main complaints of those who wear earrings is losing one piece of the pair. You can easily avoid that! Keep them together in a pair-specific container or package.

  1. Regularly clean the place where the parts are stored

To prevent the pieces from darkening, scratching, or wearing out, it is also important to clean the environment in which they will be stored. Avoid leaving residues of dust, grains, or other particles that could damage the jewellery. In addition, it is also essential to remove any moisture from the accessories storage space.


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