Hypoallergenic jewellery: know what they are and their advantages 

Accessories are part of every stylish person's look. But, what can you do when they cause itching, blisters, lesions, and irritated skin? These are some of the symptoms of jewellery allergy.

If any of these symptoms occur, it is recommended to look for hypoallergenic jewellery instead. 

Find out below what causes allergies and what hypoallergenic jewellery is.


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Allergy to semi-precious jewellery and costume jewellery

Most of the time, the pieces that cause this type of symptom have in their composition materials such as nickel, cobalt, and cadmium.

When in contact with the accessories produced with these components, allergic people feel uncomfortable due to hypersensitivity to some elements.

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Hypoallergenic jewellery

Hypoallergenic accessories were created to solve these problems for those who are allergic or have sensitive skin.

They are free from the most common materials that can irritate skin. Therefore, they are for anyone who has experienced allergy symptoms to the components listed above. 

In addition, they can be an option for children and babies, who are usually more sensitive to these materials since hypoallergenic accessories do not have nickel in their structure. 

Therefore, jewellery in this category is the most considered by those seeking well-being, comfort, and health.

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