Know the 5 main types of necklaces and their characteristics

Necklaces are accessories with a high potential for transforming a look, so they must be chosen carefully to build the desired look. Next, we list the 5 main types of necklaces and indicate the most common ways to use them. 


Chocker Necklaces Eclectic Collection

They are necklaces that are tighter on the neck and were very popular in the 90s. This type of necklace usually matches casual and youthful looks, which do not require much seriousness. However, it can also be used on more formal occasions, such as graduations and weddings, if it is made of more sophisticated material, such as silver or metal. 


 Chain Necklaces Eclectic Collection


This accessory model is one of the best known and used among men and women. There are several types of chains, with variations in size, spacing between links, finish, and materials, so they can build different looks depending on the chosen characteristics.

Still, in general, necklaces in the form of a chain tend to convey different emotions according to the size and thickness of the jewellery, so that the larger and thicker ones tend to make them look more striking and flashy, while the smaller and thinner ones can represent elegance and casualness.


Collar Necklaces Eclectic Collection

It is the most common category of necklaces because it is medium in size and can be found in different materials and characteristics. It is larger than chokers but smaller than long necklaces. In general, this type of necklace usually has single pendants or a set of hanging pendants and can be combined with varied looks, as they are not so flashy and have a medium length.


 Multi-strand Necklaces Eclectic Collection


Known for having several layers, multi-strand necklaces are a great option for those who want to build a more flashy look and highlight the upper region of the look, as it conveys more information due to the number of elements. In addition, it comes in many variations, with stones, pendants, steel, silver, and even stones.

Rosary Necklaces Eclectic Collection

Despite the name, this type of necklace is not linked to religious accessories, but the shape of the rosary. They are usually found in steel or silver and match a variety of looks, from shirts with elongated necklines to high collar blouses.

The main feature of this model is that it is not a perfect circumference and has a point at the end, just like rosaries. Because of this, it usually houses pendants in length and is usually longer than other types of necklaces.

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